Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter Fashion Show

Over the weekend I saw a commercial for JC Penney (or some store like that, frankly I wasn't that concerned with shopping at this store) and they were parading around pretty people in pretty dresses and hats and gloves and little suits and ties and what-not. They boasted of having the best Easter fashions. I don't understand this concept. As a kid I always got a new dress for Easter and I wore it to church that morning. All the other little girls would be decked out in dresses, the rich ones with hats and gloves and little purses that matched. It's just common place that more people than normal will go to church on Easter sunday rather than any other sunday....and more people dress up and buy new clothing for Easter sunday.

Does anybody else see a problem with this?!? I just cannot stand that church is made to be a fashion show. I can remember just about every year there would be at least one poor kid in sunday school who didn't have new clothes for easter or parents wouldn't have known to dress them up for that particular sunday....and they would be the ones left out. I guarantee that none of us would have been able to convince our parents that there was no reason really to wear new pretty clothes just for that sunday. That morning the sermon would be about Jesus rising from the dead and how in salvation we would be accepted just as we were and we didn't need any frills or anything good at all.....Jesus would take us. But church won't. Who, really, are we dressing up for anyway? You can't tell me you're really dressing nice because you think Jesus would feel honored. That's bullshit. People dress nice for church because it is expected. If they don't do it for other people to look at, they do it to fit in....or just because they refuse to question the "norm" and go against the flow. I dunno...I just think it's sad that kids get the impression (however vague it may be) that they have to "be" a certain way to fit in at church or into God's family.

I didn't used to think that I had that way of thinking.....but it was recently pointed out to me that I have a really serious bitterness towards God because I act as though he wants me to earn my salvation....I SAY that I'm saved by grace, but my actions prove otherwise. I'm constantly trying hard to please God and not do the wrong thing and do everything right....and for what? God's saved me. He forgave me. Why can I not accept that and be at peace? Because I'm still stuck in the mindset of a traditional religion that says one thing and does another.